About Me

Sarah has been avidly interested in designing and creating clothing since the tender age of 10. ​Gathering most of her inspiration from video games and television, Sarah specializes in cosplay (costume play) garments that emulate fictional characters, but has a wide range of skills in ready-to-wear and athleisure just to name a couple. She designed and sold costume accessories for nearly 10 years before transitioning her reach to a wider market. She is driven by her interest in Japanese street fashion, strega and alien goth styles, as well as a plethora of other unique genres ranging from fairy kei to ghost aesthetic. Working with difficult and original fabrics to see how far she can bend the laws of fashion is one of her strengths. Sarah’s audience can look forward to seeing a blend of Japanese influences molded with artistic verve represented in her garments.


Sarah currently resides in the Minneapolis area, working with designers and models around the world to collaborate on clothing and photo shoots. She has begun to incorporate her alternative styles into less costume oriented items, such as athletic and evening wear. 




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