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A semester-long project for a Product Development course focusing on eliminating the white space in Target's Merona ready-to-wear swim line. The team consisted of four people: Megan Clarke, Megan Quist, Madelyn Topp, and myself.

Presented at Target Headquarters in Minneapolis.

Target’s current swimwear selection has plenty of fun and stylish prints available, however, the trend oriented swimwear is heavily catered to the young consumer, with bikini styles and suits that offer minimal coverage. The swimwear that does give more coverage tends to be very basic with dark solid colors and minimal prints. It is also difficult to find extended sizes for most suits in-store. Embody caters to the woman who is 35+ yet still wants an on trend swimsuit, and prefers more coverage but doesn't want to sacrifice trendiness. Embody also provides a pleasant shopping experience for women who require extended sizes but doesn’t want to go to a plus size specific store. Embody was designed to include, represent and accept women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. This brand makes the entirety of Target swimwear accessible to all women.

We have designed a line that includes various swimsuits and cover-ups that are on trend but still offer adequate coverage. These pieces are accessible to women 35+ yet still trendy enough to include younger consumers as well.

They would be offered in sizes XS - 3X in store, and 4X - 6X online to include all sizes. One of the goals for our line is to emphasize the extended sizing and to completely omit the term “plus size” so that women of all body types can shop in the same area without being ostracized from their friends in a different “plus size only” section.

Using a patterning and simulation program called Optitex, we created a 3D simulation of  the "Wave" design and displayed it on a size 12 mannequin in a store setting.

The floor pad creates a fun, playful environment with the use of umbrellas and various swim oriented displays. The organic layout of the racks and shelving offer ease of access to each item, and include suggestions on how to pair garments with accessories, offering prime cross-merchandising space. It also features 3 touch screen kiosks that act as virtual dressing rooms and offer in-store ordering and size lookup.

Using the kiosk, the user can create a personal model that matches their size, shape and skin tone. This allows them view different styles and colors without actually needing to try the garment on. They can also scan in garments and check online availability, and order products directly from the store.

These features would also be available on the target website. This will make online shopping easier by allowing the customer to able to virtually try on a suit before purchasing. Perfect for anyone too busy to shop in-store.

Embody would be promoted through the use of social media such as Instagram and Snapchat. The Snapchat filter promotes the user's local Target store, and only stores that carry the Embody line will have filters available. They will feature an EMBODY swimsuit or cover-up, as well as a geotag of the location (ex. Miami, FL or Austin, TX).

The custom hang tag follows the general Embody beach theme, with some light sand to grab the attention of the shopper, similarly to how Xhilaration had limited edition floral tags to promote certain garments. The one of a kind tags make the shopper feel as if the garment is a tailored experience just for them.

In addition, the wall display depicts a wide variety of body types and ethnicities to promote body positivity and show that anyone can wear the swim line. This inviting mural invokes a feeling of inclusion in the shoppers and makes the Embody area a comfortable place to shop.

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