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Terms of Service

Failure to read and abide by my terms of service may lead to being blacklisted.

Buying a custom or ready-to-ship item automatically assumes you have read and agreed to my TOS.

Purchasing (ready-to-ship)

  • All available items will be listed under the “Ready to Ship” highlight. Feel free to DM me to purchase.

  • I do not offer holds!

Custom Requests

Collars and Harnesses

  • Before contacting me about customs, please check my profile to ensure I’m currently accepting them.

  • If you need it by a specific date, make sure to make it clear when exactly the due date will be. This will be agreed upon during the design process. Rush fees may apply to short notice projects.

  • When measuring, please make sure everything is accurate. I am not liable for mistakes in measuring on your part.

  • if i’ve already started on your order, and you need to cancel it,  you are eligible for 50% of your money back. If materials were custom ordered, I will retain the cost of those as well. I reserve the right to re-sell any abandoned custom orders.

  • Collars and harnesses come with a 6 month warranty, if any rivets pop or vinyl breaks I will repair them for free, ASSUMING the malfunction is not caused by rough handling of the item.

  • These are FASHION PIECES and should be used as such. They are not tested for rough handling and I will not be held responsible for any injuries or broken garments resulting from improper use.


  • Custom ear projects are not accepted unless specifically stated otherwise.

  • Releases will be announced in advance,

  • More info will be posted along with ear release announcements.

  • If using a claims system, the buyer has 24 hours to pay for their item. Failure to do so will result in a ban.


  • I do not offer international shipping unless agreed upon ahead of time. For releases, make sure to inquire before claiming an item or you might be hit with some unexpected shipping costs.

  • Shipping cost will vary depending on how large or heavy your order is. By default, collars are shipped in padded envelopes and ears are shipped in boxes. Other items are on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to request an alternative packaging method!

  • Basic prices are as follow:

    • USA

      • Box: $6-8

      • Envelope: $5-7

  • Once a package is out of my hands, I am no longer responsible for it. All domestic shipments will come with a tracking number. Unfortunately for buyers outside of the USA I can only provide a confirmation number.

  • Double triple check the address listed in your paypal! There’s nothing I can do if a package is shipped and the paypal address was wrong.

  • Please keep this in mind when making a purchase— refunds are not permitted under any circumstance and abuse of my TOS will result in a one-way trip to my blacklist.

General disclaimers

  • I have a cat! She is generally not permitted in my work space but slip ups happen. Your health is important!

  • Due to the handmade nature of my products, there may be very minor flaws such as slight asymmetry.

  • All sales are final! No refunds or returns, unless there was an issue with the product on my end.

  • I only accept Paypal as a form of payment. No apps such as cashapp/venmo.


Please email with questions!

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