NASA: Boot-Foot Indexing

Wearable Technology Symposium

Based on a prompt given to us by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration:

Design a space boot restraint that secures the foot and ankle within the boot which resists abrasion and pressure to the point of discomfort. 

Prototypes and research/analysis were later presented at a symposium in the Houston, Texas Johnson Space Center.

Collaboration between NASA, as well as Sarah Mirman, Willis Batz-Kamby, and Sarah Klecker of the University of Minnesota.

Ideation Phase

Planning out requirements, research, and room for error

Sketching Phase

Determining designs and mechanisms for the boot

Technical flats
Flat with prototype

Technical Flats

Symposium and Presentation

Final presentation in front of a large audience of NASA engineers, astronauts, and students.

Following the presentation was a Q&A where we could explain the designs in depth and display how the mechanisms worked.

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